Cori Stewart


Cori Stewart genuinely enjoys connecting with clients and providing creative solutions to their complex problems. Her main areas of practice are litigation and real estate. Cori attended Saint Louis University School of Law. She first worked as a nonprofit attorney in Illinois, focusing on housing law, estate planning, and impact litigation to address inequity. Immediately prior to joining Stock Legal, Cori practiced employment law as an Illinois assistant attorney general. Before law school, Cori received her Bachelor of Social Work from University of Missouri- St. Louis. Her background in social work laid an excellent foundation for legal advocacy, as it required considering clients’ needs within the broader tapestry of their lives. In her free time, Cori enjoys hiking, painting, writing, and performing standup comedy. She has a 17-year old Jack Russell Terrier named Izzy.

Graduated from UMSL with a Bachelor's in Social Work (2009)

Law Degree (2012) from Saint Louis University with a Certificate in Health Law

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Staff Attorney and Race Equity Chair 2014-2017

Assistant Attorney General 2017-2022


Cori Stewart enjoys a lot of private volunteer work and organizes a charity comedy show every year.

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