A View from the Stock Legal Staff!

A View from the Stock Legal Staff!

     Hello!  My name is Brooke, and I’ve had the pleasure of working at Stock Legal for 3 years. Over the last 3 years, I’ve graduated from St. Louis University, taken a semester off, and start law school at Wash U in just a few weeks.  I’m incredibly excited!  As a member of Stock Legal’s staff, we thought it might be fun to hop on the blog this week and provide some insight on what it’s been like for me to work at Stock Legal.

     Many people are surprised when I tell them what the culture is like at Stock Legal. I get questions like, “what do you mean there’s no paper?“ and “wait, you can work remotely?” As most of you know, Stock Legal is (mostly) paperless. Every attorney and staff member has a laptop loaded with our cloud-based software so that we can securely carry our work and files wherever we go.

     As someone who has worked with physical paper files in other law firms, I can say that this capability is amazing because it not only allows me to stay more organized and efficient by not having to dig through files, but I can also quickly answer a client question or do a task for an attorney when I’m not physically present in the office. For example, if one of our attorneys is in an out-of-office meeting and needs a client to electronically sign a document, in just a matter of minutes, I am able to hop on our document management platform to pull the document, set the document up and send it for signature through our signature platform.  I can then let the attorney know through our messaging platform that the job is finished. Because this is all accessible from our phones and computers, we can take all of these steps from anywhere (not just from the office).

     Even though Stock Legal is not your ‘stereotypical’ law firm in this regard and we frequently communicate electronically, we could not be more connected. Our messaging platform allows us to constantly keep up with one another about work related needs and also allows for the occasional sharing of vacation pictures and lunch plans. The attorneys here have warned me that this is not how all law firms are, and that I should just scrap the, ‘going to law school’ plan, but they have not scared me away…yet! We have an awesome team of attorneys who work incredibly close with the staff, and it’s this team mentality that I believe is the reason our model works so well.

        All of this being said, we are always looking for passionate, motivated individuals to join our incredible team. If you have interest in applying, please check out our careers tab and fill out the form! We would love to hear from you!