Introducing...René Morency!

Introducing...René Morency!

I love the law.  I love transactions.  I love business, finance, and tax/estate planning.  Most of all, I love assisting others to help themselves in ways that they likely would not have discovered without my help.  Our clients' success is my passion.

But I did not start my life thinking about any of these.  No one in my humble family knew much about law, finance, or tax.  On the day I graduated from college, I had only met two people whom I knew to be attorneys.  One was the guy who represented the 150 households in my childhood apartment building in disputes against our landlord.  The other was the generous lawyer who visited our eighth grade class on career day.

It was over the course of over a decade of consulting private equity, Fortune 500 corporations, private philanthropic foundations, charitable trusts, and nonprofits that I developed my passion for being a trusted advisor in service of my clients' success.

I went to law school and business school so that I could apply this passion to mergers & acquisitions, finance, and estate planning.  While there, I also became fascinated with the strategic role of tax and the intersection of transactions, finance, and tax.

This year I decided that I wanted to be at a firm where I could work on these interrelated issues.  Importantly, I wanted a firm that thought about client service the way that I do.  That service providers are here to SERVE clients' goals.  When I met Sara Stock, I knew that she and I were on the same page:  Our job is to listen to, understand, and counsel clients effectively.  As we add value in this way, the clients will not just pay us; they will come back and bring us more clients.  We don't make money by helping clients; we get paid BECAUSE we help clients.

I have started and run businesses.  I have made most of the first-timer mistakes and then some.  I get it.  This is why I am so excited about this firm.  As I have often said in speeches and in articles, we are "the help." Clients have a lot on the line when they come to us.  In some instances, at stake are years of work, investment, the future of their family, even their very credibility.  Stock Legal takes this to heart.  I am so excited to join a team that does.


*The choice of a lawyer is an important decision, and  should not be based solely on  advertisements.*