Stock Legal provides services to our clients in all areas of the business lifecycle.

From formation to exit, and everywhere in between, we help clients through all of their legal needs.  Our clients range in size from start-ups who are pre-revenue, to emerging companies who are scaling, to mature operating companies with over $100M in annual revenue.

Our Story

Stock Legal founder, Sara Stock, was an equity partner at a big firm who had an atypical big firm background – experience in general corporate, commercial real estate, mergers and acquisitions, securities, and commercial lending. That atypical background gave her a line of sight, holistically, into what business owners really need, and this was the genesis of Stock Legal.

"When I was a kid, my parents ran our family business (trucking company) out of our home. I literally grew up answering the phone, “Hello, Stock Transport, how can I help you?” My parents almost lost their business twice during that time period – once because of a fuel price hike and once because of an insurance hike. What got them through each time was the advice from their trusted advisors. I grew up wanting to be a trusted advisor and help other businesses avoid, if they can, those crisis moments, and if not, help guide them through those crises moments…"

I started my own firm to have the ability to control my costs, control my billable rate, and put all of that together so that I could help small- to medium-sized businesses. I soon realized that to truly help them, I couldn’t do it all myself — I needed a team of attorneys that could handle all of a company’s business needs.

I built Stock Legal to provide the services that a business owner needs on a regular basis. For those irregular needs, we put relationships in place with firms like ours, throughout the world, that are at the top of their game. That was the genesis of Stock Legal, LLC — "a focused, niched, business law focused boutique law firm staffed with incredible, accomplished attorneys that can handle your business. We work exceptionally well together as a team to solve our clients’ legal issues, from the mundane to the complex business needs.”

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Are you an attorney who wants to work closely with start-ups, emerging companies, and medium sized businesses to help them achieve their business goals? Would you like to be part of a small-but-mighty legal team that’s committed to being fun to work with — and for? Are you finally ready to join a firm that embraces technology from this decade?

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“The Stock Legal team does not make you feel like a little fish in a big pond, no matter what the scale of your project. They are engaged, excited, and pleasant to work with and quite simply, they get the job done.”
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