ACE Coaching Found Trustworthy Advisers at Stock Legal

ACE Coaching Found Trustworthy Advisers at Stock Legal

Anytime you work with somebody, there is foundational value of trust that is always a first consideration. When I meet with someone offering me services and I don’t trust them, then I’m not going to work with them. It’s as simple as that. I ask myself questions — are they competent at their job? Do they know what they are doing? I like the fact that Stock Legal is a woman-owned company because I feel Sara has a unique understanding of women's business needs in the workplace. Stock Legal are experts in their field and they execute on their promises.

Sara, in particular, works from the heart and she cares completely about who she works with. That is a really important piece for me. 

I like to work with one person and I don’t want to have to go to multiple people for a myriad of things. It’s a really important mantra for me to have a relationship where I can continue to go back to a single resource. Once again, this is a trust issue and knowing I can count on one person to get things done for me quickly and be a real resource is so incredibly valuable to me. I am a very careful person by nature and I’ve learned throughout my lifetime that I need to be selective and not just work with just anyone. Stock Legal has my trust. 

Sara has helped me with LLC work, her team has helped me with trademarks and all of this has gone very well. Anytime I have a question that I need to think through with a legal expert, Sara is willing to help me navigate through it while finding the "right" way to look at things. She protects me both legally and financially. It's often tough to understand decisions as a new business owner. Making sure I understand the full ramifications of a decision is critical. Sara is very good at helping me see things with clarity and she guides me in the right direction from every relevant legal standpoint. What are the ramifications if you have an LLC, have a partnership and you are setting up the nuts and bolts of your business? How do you need to set up the entity legally to support proper business decision-making and protect your assets? How do you know you have everything you need in order to proceed? I feel Stock Legal has me covered and has all of these answers. 

I think being a woman business owner can sometimes have its own challenges. We want to be appreciated and respected. Sara is all about relationship. She’s about respect, professionalism and she truly cares about her customers. I greatly appreciate that and I put a lot of investment in our business association as far as my expectations and what I desire to get out of our business relationship. I choose to work with people that exemplify the very best in offering camaraderie and sharing a sense of common purpose.

With other law firms, I really feel it’s just about the money but I believe that with Sara everything is about much more than just the money. Sara is a class act. Stock Legal is a class act. And I think everybody on her team holds her values to the same level.

The Stock Legal team executes at a high level and is always making sure that customers such as myself are getting quality and real worth out of everything they do. I don’t like functioning in a “me" world. I like functioning in an “us" world. That’s the same world that Sara functions in and that is what her team embodies. It’s a partnership, you know? And I see that as a beautiful thing. You don’t find that too often and it certainly doesn’t exist everywhere. I’ve learned to work with people, like Sara, where there is magnetic pull and I can refer people to her team with confidence, knowing they will be truly helped. 

Stock Legal helped me set up as an LLC. They have helped me with trademarks. They have helped me with sitting down and figuring out what I need to consider when I’m walking into an unknown space where I don’t really have a lot of experience. And they have done all of this with clarity, so I can understand it on my terms. I can ask numerous questions and Stock Legal will guide me through the process, so I feel pleased and confident that I won't lose my idea, especially as it relates to trademarks. That’s extremely important — to not lose my idea. Bruce Campbell has been invaluable on the trademarking front. It is really about how to protect my brand and my ideas. The idea of a pilot I’ve been working on is profoundly impactful. I know it will create impact. So, when I start to trademark anything, whether that is a name, a logo or a brand, it is crucial that it is expressed in concrete terms that can be legally protected. The bottom line is that if you have an idea and you think you’ve done enough research on that idea, you probably haven't done enough research. So, you need somebody who can step in your shoes and make sure things are done right. Mistakes cost money. You can pay for good work upfront or you can pay for the work again — but that’s going to cost you even more money.

Avoiding the "noise" on the market is something that Stock Legal continually guides me though. They give me confidence that my idea is solid, that I'm protected, and all of this allows me to move forward with confidence. If I’m going to hire someone and expect exceptional value, I have no plans to use anybody but Stock Legal.

Sara, her heart and her team have a collective desire to make a difference for their customers. Sara's created something that’s very unique and it’s something I also feel a part of.

What I have learned is that not every law firm’s the same. Stock Legal is in the practice of people. They happen to know the law and that is their expertise. But make no mistake, their real practice is people. 

I really can best sum it up in that I see Stock Legal as my journey partner, navigating with confidence the legal complexities of my business.

—Dina Readinger, Founder and President of ACE Coaching

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