Fixed Fee Legal Services

Your company has a specific set of legal needs based on where it is in its business lifecycle.

Every company is different, of course, but we’ve found that for those foundational legal documents, there’s a common starting point. We’ve developed a fixed fee process that creates unique, custom documents for your company for a price you approve up front.


Start-up and Emerging Company Fixed Fees

Every start-up or emerging company is unique, and so are their legal needs. That said, after working with hundreds of early stage companies, we’ve found that many of those basic agreements every company needs share a common starting point. This include agreements to form and operate a company, protect confidential information, work with independent contractors, contract with customers, and raise capital. That’s why we’ve developed a fixed-fee billing structure for those core legal needs that help form a solid legal foundation for start-ups and emerging companies.

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“I know I can count on Sara and Stock Legal as trusted advisors, and that they actually care about our business. They really want us to move forward, grow as a company and grow as a client. Trust is earned, and they’ve certainly earned it.”
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Intellectual Property

When your business has developed intellectual property, it’s important to protect it. But whether you’re a small business, start-up, or emerging company, you don’t have bottomless funds to spend on legal fees. That’s why Stock Legal offers a fixed-fee billing structure for copyright protection as well as trademark prosecution. If you have intellectual property to protect, and want to learn more about the trademark and copyright processes, please click below to learn more.

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“Stock Legal conforms to the way I like to work. And I get to believe that I gain real value from their services without all of the massive sunk cost and waste.”
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Estate Planning

“Estate Planning” is legal terminology for preparing for your disability and death. Most people assume that trusts only matter when you’re gone, or that a will is all you need, but both of those ideas are misconceptions. And while many people know they should complete an estate plan, they are scared off by the complexity, or worry that the costs are more than they can handle right now. If you know you should complete an estate plan but have been putting it off, now is the time to act.

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“Sara and her legal team are exceptional attorneys who continue to provide professional, thorough, and creative legal advice and solutions for all of their clients. Sara’s legal team is always prepared, responsive to client’s needs and time frames, and provides unique and creative advice and solutions for small, medium, and large corporations. Most importantly, Sara and her team are goal oriented to understanding client’s needs and time frames to accomplishing the client’s objective.”

Our Process

1. Discussion of Your Unique Issue

Click here to contact us. One of our attorneys will reach out to you quickly to set up a complimentary meeting, call, or Skype to discuss your legal issues.

2. Draft Documents

We take the information we learned in Step 1, and assemble customized legal agreements to fit your unique set of facts and legal needs.

3. Review Documents

Your fixed-fee documents are sent to you for review.

4. Discussion of the Documents

After your review, we then set up a meeting, call, or skype to walk you through the documents, and address any areas of concern or questions you may have.

5. Revise Documents

We then revise the documents one more time based on Step 4, and send them to you for review. At that point, it is our hope that your new set of documents will be in final form, and we will help you understand how to use them going forward.