We help companies from formation, through scaling, to exit, and everything in between.

Small and medium-sized businesses like yours are focused on one thing – Growth. You’re thinking about how to build your company, not the legal documents and framework. That’s where we come in.

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Why Stock Legal?

We get what people fear (and sometimes hate) about lawyers

It's the legalese, which is a different language. It's also the mystery of how long something will take - knowing you will be billed by the tenth of an hour - and the possibility of sticker shock when the invoice arrives.

That's why we work differently at Stock Legal. We use tools like fixed fees and subscription-based services so you can predict costs upfront. We also use technology such as cloud-based project management and electronic document management to create efficiencies, so even when we’re billing you hourly, our work is efficient.

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“What I have learned is that not every law firm’s the same. Just to be clear, Stock Legal is in the practice of people. They happen to know the law so that is their expertise. But make no mistake, their real practice is people.”
Our Practice Areas

Efficiency and predictability means you retain more of your capital to reinvest in your business, and as your business grows, Stock Legal grows with you.

That makes us happy, because when you do well, and you grow to trust us, we become a part of your success. Whether you’re just starting out, on the verge of success, or have already achieved great success and are ready to exit, we can help you reach your goals and sleep better at night. We’re laser-focused on helping businesses like yours with:


Our Process

Becoming a Stock Legal Client

1. Initial Discussion

Click here to contact us. One of our attorneys will reach out to you quickly to set up a complimentary meeting, call, or skype to discuss your legal issues.


2. Engage Stock Legal

Stock Legal will “clear conflicts," which in the legal world means ensuring that we don’t currently represent any party that may be adverse to you in the legal issue at hand.


3. Engagement Letter

We will draft and send to you an engagement letter for review. That engagement letter will list our hourly rates, and if there’s fixed-fee work involved, we will include a schedule of services as an addendum to our engagement letter. You sign, and we are off to the races!


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“The Stock Legal team does not make you feel like a little fish in a big pond, no matter what the scale of your project. They are engaged, excited and pleasant to work with and quite simply, they get the job done.”