Meet John Narayan! The Newest Member of Stock Legal!

Meet John Narayan! The Newest Member of Stock Legal!

Record Scratch! 

-Freeze Frame-

Yep. That’s me over there, trying to scratch out an introductory blog post that’s the right amount engaging, biographical, and…bloggy….

So, you may be wondering how I got here, trying to dream up an appropriately serious origin story - and using words like “bloggy”.

Well, if you want to know a bit more about me, this post is for you. 

In 2021, I had more than a decade of experience in assisting start-ups and small businesses navigate the legal and regulatory environments in which they operated. I was spending my days building out a company in the emergent Missouri medical marijuana industry. Combining my legal and business experience with the excitement and challenge of a new industry was a brilliant fit — working through the issues of a brand-new regulatory program; navigating construction, hiring, developing policies and procedures, and threading all the needles that came with opening two retail locations in a constantly shifting regulatory environment. Doing it all during a pandemic.

Once the businesses were running smoothly though, I knew it was time to turn my attention back to where my skills could most benefit others. My passion is for addressing the challenges faced by businesses. Especially when businesses are going through a period of transition - start up, merger, acquisition, or turnaround. 

And that pretty much brings us to today, where I’m looking forward to helping Stock Legal clients explore issues that need proactive solutions and work with those clients to implement those solutions to build better, more stable, and profitable businesses.