Meet Katie Barnes! The Newest Member of Stock Legal

Meet Katie Barnes! The Newest Member of Stock Legal

Hello from the Stock Legal Offices! I am so happy to join this fabulous community as the Director of Operations. I am  incredibly grateful to find a new place to land during easily the strangest time I’ve lived through. Pandemic life has consisted mostly of working from home curled up with my two co-workers who may or may not be K-9s. I have to say I am thrilled to get back in an office space where people actually speak back to me when I talk. (Though earning a good tail wag is an accomplishment in its own right.)


Most of my career has been spent in the startup space focusing on marketing, communications, and overall strategy for growing companies. I love working with innovative thinkers who want to make a difference in the world. At Viven Health, my last position, we created a web-based education program that teaches users healthy habits. Though this is rather different from the work going on at Stock Legal, I learned a lot about how growing companies function, and I look forward to using those lessons. I spent time working in the health, education, and tech fields. This gave me a very unique set of skills. (Sadly, nothing as cool as Liam Neeson in Taken.) As anyone who has worked in a startup knows, you have to be prepared to be a jack of all trades. It’s all hands-on deck for all projects. I managed everything from setting up operational processes, social media and digital engagement, creating web pages, to internal and external communications and beyond. Luckily, I genuinely enjoy learning new things. If we needed someone to make edits on our Wordpress site, then the only real option was for me to learn how to do just that.


In my free time you can find me hanging out with my husband, who ***cue sappy music***, happens to be my best friend. Though we were both born and raised in the St. Louis area suburbs, we found a new appreciate for the city and all it has to offer in adulthood. A typical (non-covid) weekend includes dinner at one of STL’s fantastic restaurants, cocktails, and live music somewhere fun. (Current favorite restaurant: Bulrush, Current favorite cocktails: Retreat, Favorite venue: BB’s Blues & Soups) There is also a strong chance we end up with friends at a karaoke bar to end the evening. Snapping photos for my personal Instagram is a frequent hobby of mine and has become a way for me to share the love of STL. It’s been an amazing outlet to share and learn. It even landed me a new set of close friends. I’ve somehow used Instagram as my own networking device and connected with others who love the STL culture. It’s amazing how you can find a community even when you don’t expect it.


One of my favorite things about this city is how St. Louis wants St. Louis to succeed. Many business owners and locals have the understanding that when one of us is successful we all make the city a little bit better. We love to celebrate each other. You can see this in practice when we all get hyped up for a Nelly song played in another city or on the national stage. Or in our fierce response to someone that dislikes St. Louis style pizza.   If we want to see change and growth, it’s so important that we pull together as a community and help lift one another. I learned early on in my relationship with Sara that this is something she truly believes and has exemplified at Stock Legal.


My very obnoxious love for this city led me to seek out opportunities to make an impact on our community. In a round about way, this quest led me to Stock Legal. Sara and I met through the YWCA of Metro St. Louis where I am currently the president of the Young Ambassadors. We connected quickly over a shared love for the work the Y does for the community. I am also a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters. It’s been a joy to get to know my little sister and hopefully teach her some good habits along the way. I hope to show her that women are strong, smart, warriors. This just happens to be an idea that is put to practice in Stock Legal.


I am thrilled to be involved with this team, and I cannot wait to see where this ship heads!