Meet Lilly Berger! The Newest Member of Stock Legal!

Meet Lilly Berger! The Newest Member of Stock Legal!

A Day in the Life of a Stock Legal Intern

Hi everyone, my name is Lily Berger, I’m a sophomore at Butler University double-majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation, and finance. This summer, I have been fortunate to intern in my hometown of St. Louis, at Stock Legal. I have always had a passion for defending those who can’t defend themselves, which led to my interest in the legal field. It has been enlightening to explore that passion at a law firm like Stock legal, where no two days are exactly alike, and where I am constantly learning.

I start my day off with the same question: “what’s the alarm code again?” And, after a moment of self-doubt and a brisk jog to the front door to turn off the ringing alarm system, Stock Legal is open for business. In the mornings, I typically complete a variety of tasks. Whether its auditing credit card statements or making calls and compiling research on various legal topics, legal interns keep busy. Attorneys request research on many different topics ranging from employment laws to international laws that relate to their cases.

After this, when lunchtime rolls around, I can always expect a few laughs and funny conversations with Melody, Julie, Grace, and whoever else is in the office that day.

Depending on the day, I will also sit in as a witness on Dan’s trust signing meetings. After the meetings I usually work on scanning and filing documentation into our internal documentation system. Overall, I enjoy the flexibility and experience here. I get to see all the different areas of law and administration that make up Stock Legal.