Meet Sam Wallach! The Newest Member of Stock Legal

Meet Sam Wallach! The Newest Member of Stock Legal

There is a cliché oft told to new law students that the purpose of law school is to teach you to “think like a lawyer.”  As is often the case, there is more than a kernel of truth to this cliché.  The focus is on teaching basic legal principals which can be applied to a wide range of situations.  The law student’s success is directly correlated to their ability to convincingly apply those legal principals.

What all lawyers find out once they leave academia is that success in the “real world” requires consideration of a great number of other factors, and the biggest fact, by far, is the client’s needs. What were once theoretical people interspersed into a hypothetical fact pattern are now real people relying on you to help them navigate through complicated and often emotionally difficult situations.

Whether a client knows it or not, one of the significant benefits of hiring an attorney is that the attorney can assess the strength of their client’s position dispassionately.  All of us, particularly when we feel we have been wronged or when it’s in our own interest, are susceptible to believing we are obviously right and anyone who disagrees with us is obviously wrong. 

However, while a certain amount of remove is essential, the best lawyers have empathy for their clients too. Corporate clients are no different.  I’ve been lucky enough, through my time in-house, to come to understand the wants and needs of a real company.  In that environment, you get a true appreciation for how decisions are made and that rarely is the strength of a legal argument the only factor.

Ultimately, acting in the best interest of the company requires understanding how the company operates and its ultimate goals.  I’m excited to be part of Stock Legal, LLC, where our experienced and accomplished attorneys know that understanding a client’s needs are as important as understanding the law.

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