Meet Stock Legal's Newest Member, Sarah Davis!

Meet Stock Legal's Newest Member, Sarah Davis!

A lot of people look at where I went to college and law school and will assume that I am a transplant. However, I belong to the demographic of students who left home to go to school and returned after graduation. I was born in Dallas, and when I was 10 years old we moved to the rural town of Jerseyville, IL, which is about 45 miles north of St. Louis.  Jerseyville is where my parents are from and where most of my extended family lives. 

Growing up I had a balance of big city exposure and small-town grounding, not only because of my physical locations, but also because of the influences I had in my life: Grandpa Jack was a farmer (still is at heart) and Boompah was an attorney and a judge.  My grandfathers were in two very different industries, but they commanded equal respect in our community.

Throughout my education and my career, I sought this same balance, oftentimes subconsciously.  St. Louis has been the perfect place for me to grow and flourish as an attorney.  In law school, I never imagined the opportunities I would have in these 13 years of practice.  There is always more knowledge to acquire and I am a perpetual student, which is why I am excited to join Stock Legal.  I look forward to utilizing the skills I have acquired from my large-scale commercial real estate practice while having the opportunity to grow and hone a corporate practice. 

Having had big firm and in-house experiences, Stock Legal provides a great blend of those two environments: sophisticated work and personal feel.  The business insight I obtained in-house has made me a more efficient and practical counselor and I am eager to bring this perspective to Stock Legal’s clients.


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