Meet Winni Hiebert, the newest Summer Intern of Stock Legal!

Meet Winni Hiebert, the newest Summer Intern of Stock Legal!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to introduce myself as the Marketing Intern at Stock Legal for the summer! I’m a rising senior at Saint Louis University, majoring in Marketing and Business Technology Management, focusing on Analytics and Enterprise Systems. Since attending SLU, I have thoroughly enjoyed my studies, and am eager to apply them within a legal context.

Originally, I’m from a small town in Northeastern Oklahoma. What truly made my town special, though, were the businesses lining our downtown strip. This soon became one of my favorite spots to visit. Each shop had its own unique flair, focusing on photography, fashion, food, and beauty. I was particularly struck by this uniqueness, as I remember thinking, "How interesting is it that owners can market their businesses using essentially any idea?" Coming from a family in the medical field, my knack for the inner workings of business was an unexplored path.

During high school, I was heavily involved in the arts; playing in the orchestra, singing in the choir, and acting in theatre. This further fueled my interest in how businesses can thrive through creativity. Additionally, I discovered my analytical side in my statistics class, realizing that while I love thinking outside the box, I also enjoy methodical and well-planned outcomes. This then became the driving force behind my decision to attend Saint Louis University and join the Chaifetz School of Business.

I’ve blended my strengths through internships with Habitat for Neighborhood Business, The Ellenor, and RedCup STL. These past experiences have allowed me to implement social media campaigns, create engaging content, analyze performance metrics, and plan partnered social events. They’ve also helped me to develop transferable skills and understand the importance of audience segmentation, brand consistency, and data-driven decision-making.

This summer at Stock Legal, I’m eager to apply what I’ve learned to enhance our social media, update our blog, and create compelling content. I hope to make a positive impact and gather experiences that will help me kickstart my career. I’m thrilled to be part of the Stock Legal Team and look forward to contributing to our success!