Commercial Lending


As a start-up, emerging company, small business, or mature operating company, you may need an infusion of capital to help you take the next step in growing your business.

Whether you want to invest in new equipment, move to a bigger facility, or grow your team, accessing outside funds can be the difference between accelerating your growth or plateauing.

While some businesses look to investors for such financing, some prefer the more traditional bank route.

That’s why Stock Legal offers a robust commercial lending practice, to help you find and work with a financial institution that can help provide the support you need.

Our commercial lending practices includes the representation of local, regional, and national banks, credit unions, and borrowers in a broad range of finance and lending transactions. We help guide you through the process of negotiating, structuring, and documenting term loans, revolving credit facilities, construction loans, asset-based loans, and real-estate financing transactions. We can also help you with workouts and commercial foreclosures.