Start-up and Emerging Company Fixed Fees


Your start-up or emerging company has a specific set of legal needs based on where it is in its business lifecycle.

Every company is different of course, but we’ve found that for a lot of the basic documents early-stage companies need—to form a company, protect confidential information, work with independent contractors, hire employees, contract with customers, and raise capital—there is a common starting point.

That’s why we’ve developed a fixed-fee billing structure for many of the standard agreements that help establish a solid legal foundation for start-ups and emerging companies. With fixed-fee billing, we can be more efficient—and you get the legal help you need—with no billing surprises. That means that you and your company can get down to business.

We’ve also bundled these fixed-fee services into packages that address common legal pain points. Based on our conversations with you, we can recommend a custom fixed-fee package that is responsive to the needs of your start-up or emerging company.


Make sure your company is on solid legal footing. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. Tell us about your legal needs and we will recommend a fixed fee package that’s right for you.

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