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“Estate Planning” is legal terminology for preparing for your disability or death.

Most people assume that trusts only matter when you’re gone, or that a will is all you need, but both are misconceptions.

Trusts are the most widely-used estate planning tool these days, not only because they allow you to protect your family and implement a structure for their inheritance when you die, but also because they reliably allow people to care for you while you’re disabled, too. Trusts provide for much more than just “who gets the money.”

Many people know they should complete an estate plan, but are scared off by the complexity, or worry that the costs are more than they can handle right now.

That’s why Stock Legal provides fixed fee services to help with estate planning, to ensure that there are no hidden costs. We believe that every family, not just a select few, is entitled to thoughtful, high-quality estate plans—at a reasonable rate.

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Stock Legal uses a unique process that involves much more than just designing estate plans and sending clients on their way. One of the most important parts of the estate planning process is transferring ownership of a client’s assets. This is as essential to the success of an estate plan as writing the plan itself. As such, the Stock Legal process is highly unique in that it also undertakes retitling and changing ownership of assets to be sure that your property and beneficiaries are consistent with your estate plan—again, all at a fixed fee so you know what you’re paying upfront. We also offer clients the ability to meet with us every year to make sure their plan stays up-to-date with their lives, no matter how much the law or their family changes.

If you know you need to complete an estate plan but have been putting it off, now is the time to act. Let’s meet for a no-charge consultation to discuss your goals and concerns, and how we can address them.

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