Hannah Stark - A Day in the Life of a Stock Legal Intern

Hannah Stark - A Day in the Life of a Stock Legal Intern

As the clock hits 9 am, I’m through the door into the beautiful historic house that Stock Legal calls home. Immediately, Remi, our office dog, greets me. Her (un)official job is to ensure that every person who walks through the door feels welcomed in! Of course, I must stop to say hello to her and compliment her hair bow - which changes colors daily. If I’m lucky, she follows me to my desk and proceeds to hang out on the table until the next person arrives.

Since no two days at Stock Legal are alike, there is seldom a dull moment in the office. As an intern, we get to work with all the attorneys who work in numerous practice areas. When the office is busy, I spend most of the day helping out with everything from witnessing to scanning to recording deeds to listening in on client meetings - and the list goes on and on. This variability in the office allows us to experience what it would be like to practice in several legal specialties.  

By the time we look at the clock, it’s already lunchtime. That’s when the great debate always starts. Leia, Robert, and I weigh the pros and cons of the different places we could walk to pick up food. Every day ends with all of us picking a different spot and bringing our lunch back to eat in the kitchen at the office. We spend our time talking about anything that comes to mind!

The afternoon quickly passes. We typically stay busy with meetings and research. Fortunately, all the interns work in the same room, making it easy for us to collaborate and work on projects together. When it gets to about 2:30, I get up to make tea. I’m an avid coffee drinker, but strictly in the morning hours. With my twenty-two years of life experience, I’ve found that tea is the perfect way to stay caffeinated later in the day.

As we near 4 pm and the day winds down, I finish up any projects I have been working on and write down everything I still need to work on for the next day. I grab my laptop, say bye to everyone, and head home for the day!